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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rode Home

I've been living in Issaquah for a month and a half now; time enough to tweak and try different commute combos. I've ridden my folding bike, touring bike and mountain bike. I've ridden in jeans, dry-quick travel pants, lycra and fleece. I've ridden just to the bus and all the way into work.

But I hadn't ridden my bike all the way back home, in the dark, cold night.

You know, it's actually not so cold! I was actually HOT on my ride home, thanks to my dang hot Craft base layer. And it's not so dark either, behind 300 lumens of light.

I wasn't even sleepy, riding at 9pm. My gently laboring lungs kept me awake.

And it doesn't even take longer than taking the bus. In fact, it's faster. And cheaper. And there was cool spooky stuff to stop and take pictures of.

I'm a fan.

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