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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Riding (and carrying) Rollers

This morning I rode over to Whitman campus to teach Rachel, a freshman on the Whitman Cycling team, how to ride rollers. Rollers are a, uh, 'device'.. that lets you ride inside, but unlike a trainer, you aren't being held up and you have to balance on your own. They are fantastic for improving bike handling skills.

Rachel rides fairly comfortably on her bike, but she seemed ready for that "next step." 

Enter: rollers.

I did mention, though, that one of my junior riders, Phillip, managed to ride without hands on rollers during his first time on rollers. Of course, Rachel decided she had to do this too. :)

And she did great!

I love mentoring women cyclists, because there's just so much laughing involved!
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