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Monday, March 9, 2009

Getting Xtracycle at the Local Bike Shop

I've asked the guys at a local bike shop a few times why they don't have any Xtracycles on the sales floor. "Oh, we can get them," is always the response. Yeah, SO CAN I, but people are less likely to consider it an option when browsing at the bike shop if they don't SEE it as an option at the bike shop. Another excuse was, "oh, it just doesn't make sense to people when it's not on a bike." THEN PUT IT ON A BIKE, or even better, a Big Dummy or a Radish

I want very much for an Xtracycle to become a common option for those looking for a commuter bike. It is very frustrating to hear these excuses, because what I'm hearing through the words and gla
nces away are, "I don't think your Xtracycle is practical or that anyone would want to buy one." And that-- that really irritates me. A serious peeve of mine is being considered "cute" or a "novelty" for getting around by bike. It perpetuates the attitude that bicycles are only recreational vehicles not real commuting vehicles. 

Why would this be SO frustrating to me? I don't work for Xtracycle. No, but having an Xtracycle has made bicycle commuting not only possible for me, but convenient and fun. I believe that it is a highly practical solution to many bicycle commuting 'problems' and if treated as such on the sales floor of a bike shop, more people would consider bicycle commuting who may not have before. 
Also, I am often asked, "where did you get it?" and I say, "online." Purchasing an unknown product that costs several hundred dollars that is not readily available to te
st ride can be a big leap for people to take. Being able to see and interact with a product on a sales floor of a familiar shop and take it for a test ride down the street-- that's more convincing. Thus, I periodically pester the bike shop to carry the Xtracycle on the sales floor. Meanwhile, I will continue to make videos of my Xtracycle because I remember what it was like when I was scratching my head and rubbing my chin over whether or not to buy an Xtracycle, and I want to make that process easier. I am also further inspired to make more videos due to the positive feedback I've received on this blog and also from the very folks at Xtracycle headquarters!! (Just wait for my upcoming video of my new KickBack kickstand!)

Also, I could go on a rave just on why Xtracycle is an awesome company! Though I'll save that for later. :) I have exhausted my soap box for this post.

If you would like to see Xtracycles at your local bicycle shop: TELL THEM!

It's usually better to act on what you want, instead of just complaining about it. ;) 
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