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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Consistent Race Report -- Piece of Cake Road Race

Here is my personal race report of the Piece of Cake Road Race that I included in a post on my junior team blog:

Coach RJ (myself), raced in Women's 1/2/3 (as a 3) and hung on with her teeth through attack after attack after attack after attack as the day got windier and windier and windier. It was finally the penultimate attack at 3 kilometers that overcooked RJ and she finally, reluctantly, got dropped. But she finished!

Here is another race report from a Group Health rider (CAPITALS are my own addition):

Team Group Health’s Jen Akeroyd said the field caught the two leaders after a series of attacks and counters. YEP! DEFINITELY A LOOONG SERIES OF ATTACKS AND COUNTERS!
“The last little bit of trying to catch them required jumps,” Akeroyd said. “Me jumping and then the Veloforma riders would jump around me, and I’d get on their wheel and jump again.” YEP! DEFINITELY JUMPS AND COUNTER JUMPS! LOTS AND LOOOTS OF JUMPING!

With the group back together nearing the finish. Veloforma had the numbers to launch Miranda Moon past the competition, but not before Fox had another chance to test her legs. The Team Oregon rider attacked with a 5K to go and began the wind up to the finish, but the seasoned Veloforma squad took over from there. OH, YEAH-- THE PACE SURE DID GET HOT!

“Elice (Huggins) from Veloforma picked it up from about 3K out,” Akeroyd said of the lead out. ”Then Susan (Peithman) came in around 2K and kept pulling through. Then Miranda took over from about 200 meters, and she just had better legs than me today." YEP, THEY PICKED IT UP FROM 3K OUT AND THAT'S WHERE RJ GOT DROPPED!!!
It feels nice to hear someone else confirm what I perceived!

Now here's the CCY Junior Team video of the race:

Full CCY Junior Cycling Team post can be found HERE.
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