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Monday, July 28, 2008

Wish you had better bike lanes?: Start a conversation! Don't just mope.

From Duane Cole, Walla Walla City Manager re: my inquiry about bike lanes (see my previous post below):

Ballot issue in late nineties reduced funding. This city has about seventy percent of the funding available in my last city and about forty percent more roads. Until additional funding is available there will be few dollars available for improvements. I have some ideas on additional funding but these were declared not constitutional by the state supremes. There will be another run at this perhaps in the next legislature. Fixing traffic lights almost failing was the last emergency. Where do bike lanes fit-lower on the priority list. The bike folks could help by plugging into the long term solutions. Duane

My reply:

Thanks for your reply, Duane. I know that this is a concern of yours as well. Tell me how I can be the most effective help and I'll do my best. You mention long term solutions- how can we do this?

Thanks again,

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