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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Good Day Aboard a Bicycle

Last Sunday I left the house at 9:30am on my bicycle and returned around 5pm. Even including getting lost, running out of water and bloodying up my knee- it was a good day aboard a bicycle. This, to me, is what summer is all about. Getting gloriously lost.

Leaving Walla Walla behind, my skinny tires leave squiggles in the gray gravel. (yes, I rode my roadie- 23m!)

Long rides tap into both my athletic and artistic self. I test my endurance while being captured by lines and curvatures.

I am also captured by veggie sandwiches, cowboy cookies and chocolate milk.

I left Dayton by gravel of course. I pretty much went looking for the gravel when I mapped out my very tentative route. Gravel gravel gravel. I love the slippery slide of gravel.

Sunflowers. When you run out of water, it's good to have sunflowers to cheer you up. (Don't worry, I found a garden hose.)

This looks like it goes home, doesn't it? It took me to Prescott. Close enough. I got home eventually.

And it ain't an adventure unless you come home dirty and bloody, right?

Well, I didn't really MEAN to bloody up. But alas, it happens. Oops.

It's summer.
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