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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Riding safely: side visibility & Rock the Bike's Down Low Glow

I always knew I had a shining personality, but now, thanks to Rock the Bike-- I now glow. Quite brightly.

A short video on side visibility by Rock the Bike. See the comparison for yourself!

So not only can you see me in your headlights. (That's reflective tape I glued on the side of my Xtracycle bags, available at Identi-tape. You can purchase a reflective safety triangle at your local bike shop or at Adventure Cycling.)

But now you can STILL see me when I'm not! (It's even brighter than the picture looks.)

I spend a lot of time on my bike. Think of all the times that you or a friend gets into a car to go somewhere. Right, I don't get into a car- I get onto a bike. So I am particularly invested in being as safe as possible on my bike. Something that was brought to my attention was the issue of side visibility. A regular bicycle commuter knows to have a red light on the back and white light on the front of their bike.. but these lights are often, if not always, only visible from the front or back. What if a car driver can only see your side? Enter the problem of side visibility, enter the solution of Rock the Bike's "Down Low Glow" lighting system. It's a simple tube that can be popped on and off your bike, is weather-resistant and runs on a rechargeable battery. Oh, and it's dang bright. www.rockthebike.com
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