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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Well, IN COPENHAGEN they..

Hopefully you're a Copenhagen Cycle Chic & Copenhagenize reader by now. I really try to not be a blog that just reposts everybody else's blog. But if you don't read the Copenhagen blogs already, here's why you should- when in a tiff about the "real practicality" of bicycles or when stealthily dropping hints, it's good to say, "Well, IN COPENHAGEN they {insert recent blog post}." Trust me- you'll surprise people. SO. Exhibit A:

How do you get to the beach in Copenhagen?

By bicycle! (DUH!)

Also, speaking of blogs I read. Over on EcoVelo, Alan is taking photo submissions of your cool commuter and will be giving away a pair of pedals as added incentive to submit. Check out the submission guidelines here. You'll also find pictures of my very own steed of steel.
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