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Monday, April 21, 2008

Tour of Walla Walla Report

I think the people that asked me, "How did it go?" instead of "How did you do?" are onto my new way of thinking.

& what new way of thinking is that?

Glad you asked. :)

Little more fun, little less stress.
Little more experience, little less results.
Little more play, lot less serious.
Little more sporadic, little less methodic.
Little more wool, little less spandex.
Little more steel, little less carbon.

It's not that I dislike racing. I spent 4 years racing and worked really hard doing it. Now I'm just ready for something else. Like bicycle camping. :)

So I had fun in the time trial, fun in the road race- and when it wasn't fun anymore, I sat up and stopped racing. Then I found a package of Clif Blocks on the road that still had some in the package. I ate them. Then I finished the road race at a 'Look at the Clouds' speed. I didn't race Sunday morning in the criterium, but I did cheer hard.
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