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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How do people use Xtracycles?

This photo I found on Flickr. A fellow Xtracycle & plant lover. :)

Some people immediately see the utility of an Xtracycle, but there are some people who ask, "well, what would you use it for?" I personally use it for grocery shopping, odd errands (moving lawn chairs, recycling or even large filing boxes) and have plans to tour & adventure as well. It pretty much replaces a car for me and is an invitation to new adventures as an added bonus. But here are some more answers that I got from the Xtracycle website:

How are people are using it?

  • For faster, simpler, and more reliable backcountry and cross country touring.
  • For human-powered multi-sport adventures combining biking and other outdoor activities such as surfing, skiing, kayaking, and climbing.
  • Commuters are finding a new level of car-replacing utility.
  • Accessing roadless areas with specialized gear and equipment.
  • Businesses are using it for running errands, moving parts around facilities or from one store to another, and picking up office party favors.
  • Many people use it primarily as a passenger vehicle for friends, family, and lovers.
  • Replacing short car trips, such as for picking up groceries, recycling, and going yard-saleing.
  • Musicians with large instruments are riding to gigs that they had to drive or walk to before.
  • Bike messengers and courier companies are using it to carry bigger and more varied loads through congested city cores, faster than previously possible.
  • Crazy kids are surfing on the SnapDeck; really crazy kids are surfing on the SnapDeck with no one steering the bike!
  • For bike-based businesses like electrical contracting and landscaping.
  • Parents are using it to tote around kids too big for a bike seat or trailer, and too small to keep up over long distances.
  • Beginning and intermediate mountain bikers are using the S.U.B. to ride harder trails with more confidence.
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