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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Build Your Own Bamboo Trailer

A fantastic fellow recently introduced me to do-it-yourself bamboo bike trailers. Yes, I said bamboo.

The folks at Carry Freedom will supply you with free plans to make a bike trailer out of just about anything- bamboo, old shelving, sticks- and there aren't even power tools required. All that they ask in return is this (excerpt from their website):

1. Tell us what you are using the bicycle trailer for
2. Send us photos of the bicycle trailer you build
3. Tell us how to improve the instructions or the trailer
4. Accept that we might post your email on our blog

And also:

This project exists thanks to the quiet dedication of many people investing a small part of their own time money or skill. If you feel you can help in any way, then we will gratefully accept. For example you could:
  • Teach others to build the trailer
  • Create better ways of making the bicycle trailer
  • Email us pictures of your trailer
  • Link to this web page
  • Use the bicycle trailer you build
  • Use your skill or talent to bump the project along
  • Bore people at parties about bamboo;)

Not a bad deal at all. And if you'd rather plunk down some cash instead of doing the work, they also make a really smart line of trailers for purchase.
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