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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bikes at Work

I've got one of these babies on order.

This is a trailer made by Bikes at Work Inc. They make and sell trailers as well as run a bicycle delivery service that picks up just about anything from weekly recycling to your household refrigerator. Their trailers are so well designed that the folks over at Pedal People, another recycle-by-bicycle organization use them happily. And soon I will be using one happily, too.

Okay, so I have an Xtracycle- why do I need yet ANOTHER hauling device that carries 300lbs? (For a total of 500lbs, in case you were counting.) Well. First of all, it is another step toward decreasing my "need" for a car. Secondly, I am interested in doing some trial runs of a recycle-by-bicycle business of my own. Thirdly, I also want to start painting & selling furniture @ Farmer's Market and need a way to move it all. Fourthly, even if none of my 'business' ventures work out, point one is still in effect and I can move whatever I need to or want to without having to call for help! And really, I just get a kick out of hauling things by bike.
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