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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Specialty Outdoors: handmade, quality, custom gear

Nice ski suit, huh? Well, it was hand made by Penny (the one in the picture) @ Specialty Outdoors.

Specialty Outdoors is a one-woman show based out of Spokane, WA. She makes custom outdoor clothing & alterations to clothing, packs etc. Also, if you're a handy sewer yourself, she has a wealth of information & tips on her website on how to make your own outdoor gear!

Some of the things Penny does (excerpt from website):
  • Technical and shell clothing: altering for fit, repairs, modifying features
  • Add features: pockets, pitzips, zippers, wear patches
  • Custom technical wear: fleece, cycle, ski, etc. wear
  • Fitting challenges: sleeves, length (too long or too short) torso length, resizing
  • General repairs & rehabilitation (zippers, patches, elastic, Velcro� etc.)
  • Taped Goretex ( and other similar fabrics) alterations & modifications
  • Small packs: repairs and modifications
  • Special request or idea? Contact me and let's see if it can be done! Trust me, it will not be the most far out thing I've ever been asked to make.
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