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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

So, What's in that Bag Thing of yours anyway?

I've got a trunk bag. More specifically, an Arkel TailRider. I love it. And it's always on my bike.

Some people like those itty bitty bags that carry the most minimal flat kit and nothing else. That's great for a bike that you want to behave like a sports car. You wouldn't want to burden a race horse with a mule's load!

But my bike is a mule. A workhorse. And he carries my comforts and securities.

So what's in there anyway?

Well, here is a "surprise search" of the current contents of my TailRider.

First of all-- I've got a bright triangle hanging off the back of it.

The east side pocket houses my 'tool kit':
  • spare tube
  • tire levers
  • ginormous multi tool
  • temporary spoke fixer-doodle
  • a box filled with other doo-dads:

  • tire boot (temporary patch for a cut in the TIRE, not tube)
  • spare chain link
  • spare bolts
  • little roll of velcro
  • AAA batteries for my red lights

The west pocket houses the battery pack for my Down Low Glow and another spare velcro strap. Sometimes there are snacks in here, too. :)

Open it up, and the first thing you'll see are the spare clothes I decided to bring with me that day. Almost always that includes my Showers Pass rain jacket in case of a downpour. I also like a second set of gloves in case I over/underestimated the weather or if my first pair get soaked. Sometimes I might even have a spare hat, booties, or some other layer of clothing.

Under that, I keep a bus schedule and maps. Even though I have an iPhone, it's nice to have a hard copy so I don't rely on cell towers and battery life.

Oh! And my pump is in there, too-- to complete my tool kit.

In the lil' side mesh pockets are other treasures-- like snacks and a copy of my health insurance card.

I don't have a chain guard, so I have these metal bands to keep my jeans out of the way of the chain. They're quick and a bit more casual looking than the yellow velcro sort.

Chamois butter! Or anti-chafe lotion for your butt. Sometimes reapplication is necessary, so these lil' packets are handy.

And of course, PLAYING CARDS. For when you meet up with a friend at a coffee shop and you feel like a few rounds of Gin Rummy.

  • Spare front flashing light. *I rely on my rechargeable light most of the time, but I've had an AA-battery-operated light in my bag for back-up.
  • More snacks. Clif Bloks or Fun Size Snickers bars.
  • CO2 cartridge & applicator-- I have a sizable pump for infinite air, but sometimes in the rain, dark, or sketchy neighborhood-- it's nice to fix a flat faster.

Is this a gross over use of the Hipstamatic iPhone app? Yes, but I lost my Photoshop in my hard drive crash-- so bear with me!

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