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Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Point is to be Cheap

So I got this new used cheap bike.

It's a Craiglist bike. Steel rigid. Purple. I paid $80 for it.

I put on new tires, new pedals, new brake pads and soon- new brake/shifter levers. And a Wald front basket/rack with struts.

As I'm picking around the store (I work in a bike shop), I ask, "these tires or these ones?" I hear, "well, isn't the point of your bike to be cheap?" "Yeah, well, but," "then I'd choose the cheap ones."

"These pedals or these ones?" "Well, isn't the point of your bike to be cheap? You don't want anything desirable looking on there." "Yeah, well, but" "then I'd choose the cheap ones."


Choosing cheap is not my natural impulse.

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