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Friday, December 17, 2010

Bikes-- it's like they grow on trees!

So, it's kinda funny.

I just weaned my bike corral from 6 down to 4.. and now I have another one. Sigh.

It's just inevitable.

(...here comes the justification...)

But THIS bike is the "cheap bike." The bike that's cheap enough to get stolen without causing a heart attack.

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm moving to Issaquah!-- which means I am just miles if not meters away from all sorts of awesome trailheads. (eeeeee!!) Of course, I want to ride my bike to the trailhead! But that means stashing my bike in the woods.

So this is the Wood Stashing Bike. Could also do double-duty as Lock Up At Bike Stop Bike and after I put a big front rack/basket, it could even be the Town Bike. Who knows!

But it is oh, so charming. Like a mutt at the pound. Photos coming..

And for the record, I own:

  1. Trek 520 ........................(road touring, my all around bike)
  2. Salsa Ala Carte .............(rigid mountain, for off-road adventures)
  3. Dahon Speed D7 ..........(folding, for multi-modal commutes)
  4. Masi Coltello ................(track, for racing at the velodrome!)
and now..

5. the Wood Stasher :)

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