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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Best Mountain Bike Ride Ever (SO FAR)


..today I started to feel like a "mountain biker." I started to find that rhythm. Ka-tump, ka-tumping over logs, relaxing the hands, scooting my butt way back on the saddle (and once on my tire.. hmm..). At one point I cleared an uphill root section to such surprise that the smile that shot to my face nearly bounced me off my bike as I burst with glee. And I got to work hard. As a beginner, it can, yes, be hard to work hard, because you're constantly stopping, remounting, and discovering the magic of hydraulic disc brakes (WHOAAAA!!--- oof!). But today I worked a section, then worked it back, worked a section, then worked it back. I may have been lost, but nevertheless, that's what brilliant about mountain biking: the same half-mile tread continues to entertain because you can always hit it better, smoother, faster.

I love mountain biking.
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