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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bushcraft Northwest

At the end of January, I will be taking a weekend-long workshop from Bushcraft Northwest. I have wanted to learn skills like these ever since I was a kid, so I'm very excited to finally follow through!

The Winter Workshop will include:

... fire building, navigation, knife techniques, traps, snares, food gathering, how to pack light and stay warm, etc. Safe use and importance of the ax during wintertime will be covered in depth. The emphasis of this workshop will be on how the core skills change and adapt with this beautiful yet unforgiving season. Full meal provided on Saturday night. Fresh stream water runs through site. We will have a large outfitter tent with woodstove for getting warm, drying clothes, and sleeping in for those interested. Please bring whatever food and camping items you'd like for your comfort during your stay. 

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