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Friday, June 26, 2009

TransAmerica Tour Update: The Advantage of Undesirable Places

When we stayed at Mare's place in Idaho [THANK YOU, MARE! we had a blast and were quite refreshed], where we

visited with Mare/soaked in salts/got massages/met the neighbors/ate sushi, fritata and rhubarb cobbler/laughed all night/were sent off with fun money(which we're still carefully deciding on how to use!) and I even got a swim suit that I needed (thank you, Katie!)

we left around 2:30pm. Ha.


When we stayed in a lumpy front yard of a nice old man's house where the earwigs got into EVERYTHING (including INSIDE the bread) and there really wasn't anywhere to pee

we left around 7 in the morning.


Seems like, if we want to get on the road real' early-- we should stay at undesirable places!
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