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Monday, June 22, 2009

TransAmerica Tour Update: FOOD

We're eating a lot of food.

This cold can of Chef Boyardee Ravioli was absolutely delectable after climbing a wet pass. In fact, I was so convinced that it was the best hard-hitting snack food, that I bought another can for future use atop a new pass. But a lukewarm can on a hot day? It was just not the same.

When we arrived in Baker City, OR, we rode right into a biker ralley! No, LEATHER, not lycra. Fortunately for us, this meant concession boothes aplenty! We had pulled pork sandwiches, corn on the cob and were treated to an elephant ear! (Thanks, Joy!)

The most economical way for us to eat is at the grocery store. The problem, though, is that we often leave the grocery store with really heavy sacks that we have to load onto our bikes! To fix this, we just eat more of it.

Bread, it's a staple.

Oh, and donuts. Applesauce donuts. It's okay to eat them before you've paid for them if you still have the box, right?

Running low on stove fuel, we concocted cold pizzas.

And if you're really fortunate, even after you've scrounged around in your food bag for a eclectic dinner, a kind soul (Thank you, Ann Mary!) will feed you a fresh meal!

But even after you've had a burger & curly fries, you gotta top it off with an ice cream bar!

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