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Monday, March 2, 2009

The taste of the race.

Today, I went for a great 3 1/2 hour ride with my best friend. There were three climbs on our ride and we attacked* each other on each one, showing little mercy. I "lost" every time, by the way. I would arrive at the hill top, just recently popped**, and my friend would turn to me and beam, "that was fun!" Pant, pant, pant-- yeah. That was.

I feel like I have just licked the sharp, familiar and addicting taste of racing:

And I want more.

I initially wasn't planning on racing this spring, but I just renewed my USACycling Road license.

*An attack is a sudden acceleration to force your competitor(s) to chase you down.
**If you're "popped" you have fallen behind.

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