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Saturday, March 14, 2009

BikeWallaWalla -- a new networking site for Walla Walla area cyclists!

Clark, a local Xtracycler (we like those), just created a networking site for Walla Walla area cyclists: BikeWallaWalla. Now, I know that my blog is just AMAZING, but I'll tell you why this new site is even cooler.

  1. It's interactive! Sure, you can post comments on a blog-- but at BikeWallaWalla you can post comments, photos, video, start groups and more! Really, it's like Facebook-- except only with useful basic features and none of the crap.
  2. It's local. Connect with people you can actually potluck with. 
  3. It's a tool for action. I've been hearing rumors about some mountain bikers in town wanting to organize to build and maintain trails. How can we connect? BikeWallaWalla!
  4. It's efficient. If we get a lot of local cyclists on BikeWallaWalla, it's a quick way to announce bicycle-related events to everyone who'd want to know.
  5. It's a resource. Curious about those "Xtracycles"? Ask the 'Xtracycle Group'! Have another question? Post it in a forum! Need commuting tips? Check out the video section for help!
  6. It's for ALL kinds of cyclists! Commuter, roadie, mountain and more!
So what are you waiting for? Join BikeWallaWalla!

Not from the Walla Walla area? Start a networking site for YOUR hometown!

Thanks, Clark!
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