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Saturday, March 6, 2010

"Women on Wheels" Report

That's ma' table!

Last Thursday night, I hosted a slice of table at Gregg's Cycles WOMEN ON WHEELS event-- which drew hundreds of women!

I had a fantastic time, because I set up my table with information about my summer bicycle tour and Adventure Cycling Association-- so I got to talk touring all night. I don't work for ACA, but I am very eager to talk about their work! This is the organization that not only established the most 'classic' route across the U.S. in 1976, but they continue to publish thousands of miles of top-quality touring maps AND publish a magazine AND a cyclists' yellow pages AND does a ton of advocacy, including pushing hard for a nation-wide Bicycle Route System. AND, if you use their maps, it will tell you when there is 60 miles ahead with no water. Isn't that awesome?

Anyhow-- I got to not only talk touring, but listen. I met some incredible ladies who have been on, or about to go on, some really terrific adventures. We were just rainin' insp'ration!

Including Mercedes! Shimano's northwest rep. She's ridden from Alaska to the Mexican border AND, on another occasion, in one crazy zig zag all over the U.S.

Hi Mercedes! (She actually has a forearm, she was just wavin' real' fast. :) )

Ellen was there to give mechanical advice, woman-to-woman.

And Sally Edwards was there! The famed triathlete, who motivates women everywhere. I was glued to my table, though, so I never met her-- but I didn't really mind, because I was having a great time.

I liked this shot of the band and the bikes in the same photograph.

These "Ladies' Night" events are happening all over the U.S.-- is there one near you?

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