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Friday, March 19, 2010

It all began with a small detour..

Today was an interesting day.

It all began with a small detour..
which resulted in a flat tire

and the route didn't really work out.

Fixed the flat, topped it off at a local bike shop, moved on.

Discovered that Mukilteo Blvd is a signed bike route with healthy shoulders!

Tried to buy a ferry ticket with my "Orca Card," only to discover that Orca did not understand that I was an adult who ALSO had a bicycle. The kind lady called in my problem in order to get it fixed for future Orca Card Carrying Cyclists.

I still think ferries are fun.

When I got off the boat, I saw a bus-- and I like buses.
Especially FREE ones that take me up the big ol' hill to Langley!

And cappucinos.

I asked a lady where I should eat.

She told me, then thanked me for coming to Langley.

And all of the baristas were cute.

Okay, so I RODE back to the ferry-- on my BIKE (not the bus).

And I discovered this:
So I poked and poked and poked it,
because-- you know-- that looks like something that needs poking.
Walked three steps away to go look at the water and
I didn't even look.
I just smirked.

A woman in a car said, "your tire.."
"Yeah, I know. Thanks. I was waiting for that to happen."

Sooo.. took the bus up the hill to the park across from our old house..

And waited for mom to pick me up.
The End!
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