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Friday, June 26, 2009

TransAmerica Tour Update: Stevensville Pickle

It was a slow day. Late start, a bit hot, and I wasn't feeling great. We didn't get anywhere near where we wanted to go, but we decided to stop in Stevensville, where we thought there would be camping. As it turned out, the camping was closed for business. Hmm.

We rolled around a recently developed suburban neighborhood. There were some enticing spots of grass. A woman passed us by in a shiny pick up truck, smiled and waved. We promptly turned around,

"do you know anything about the camping in this area?"

After learning that she had bicycle toured Europe as a young woman, and meeting her fluffy puppy, she and her husband suggested we try the common grass area just yonder. We checked it out, but it was freshly seeded grass that would've been a mud pit to camp in. Darn.

Plan C. Roam around the Super One Grocery across the street.

"do you know anything about the camping in this area?"

No, I'm not from here, sorry.

"do you know anything about the camping in this area?"

We tried the police department, to see if we could camp in the city park or behind a school. In a small town, this is usually not a problem.

I'm sorry, ladies-- but I can't let you camp in the parks.

Darn again.

A firefighter that we had recently met watched us mope out of the police department.

Have you ladies found a place to stay tonight?

"We're still working on it."

Let me call my wife, you can probably stay at our place tonight.


In just moments, we went from a real pickle to staying at an empty nester's house, eating fruit and showering! To top it off, they sent us off with some fun money which we promptly spent that morning on a delicious breakfast at the Internet Coffee Station in downtown Stevensville. THEN, the kind ladies at the Coffee Station even sent us off with free AMAZING cookies!



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