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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

HURRIED UPDATE TWO!*updated again

*I tried putting these order, but internet access is limited, so I'm just writing these up quick!


My Mom & Dad came to Astoria (our starting point) and treated us to a hotel the first night, all sorts of yummy food and were a BIG help in figuring out all the little problems that came up-- and there were quite a few.


Debi & Jim drove us ALLLLLL the way to Astoria, and included stops in Hood River and Portland for gear we still didn't have! We were even treated to a most delicious scone and quiche for good measure.

Example of delicious food being eaten.

At the waterfront.

..Okay, then the trip finally started. Or, I guess it was already "started" all along.

Mia @ Cannon Beach. We spent a little tooo long there. We ended up having to really BOOK IT (..aaaand take a short cut) to make to our campsite that night!


Our first guest rider! Mark had TWO beach houses to look after, so he let us stay in one! AND he even fed us, then joined us for part of the ride! We had fun with Mark.

Ummm. A storm just kicked us out of our campground. Or at least that's what the falling branches said. We slept in the barn. On pigeon-pooped couch cushions. It was pretty plush at the time.

Sand dunes! Fun for the toes.

Sun circle thing. We both agreed that there was a name and reason for it.

Some coastal riding.

Thank you Linda, for giving us $50 of fun money! Our first treat: MILKSHAKES! They were AWESOME. Real house made ice cream with real fruit!

This is what you do at the top of a pass.

On Santiam Pass.

Lunch at the falls.

A Sierra Nevada rep, Jeff, gave us TWO six packs of beer!! We each had only one that night, then we left 4 for the camp hosts and I carried six over Santiam Pass!

Melanie is another TransAm rider, to the left. Juliana, right, was the BEST and saved our butts from the big storm! She lent us her car to do errands in Eugene, got us good grub to eat and let us dig through her giant pile of SWEET spandex from the days she smoked the velodrome! We pretty much crashed at her house for two days after our first hectic week of riding. We're still trying to get our heads screwed on straight, but we're getting there.

Waiting out the thunderstorm in a big ol' barn. We had to yell to hear each other.

I'm a flower.

Also, more THANK YOUS go to:
DAVE & SUSAN, for housing us and stuffing our bellies.
TAMMY & DANIELLE for taking us in when storm clouds threatened.
It's good to discover that people are wonderful.
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