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Friday, June 26, 2009

TransAmerica Tour Update: More Eating

Last night we ate at Fetty's Cafe in Wisdom, MT. We don't eat 'out' very often, because it's more expensive than spreading peanut butter on a Fig Newton. But anyhow, we ate at Fetty's to escape from the awful swarms of mosquitoes that thrive in the gigantic marsh land that is Big Hole Valley, MT. These skeeters swarmed us even WHILE we rode our bicycles! Dang.

So we hid in Fetty's and tossed calories down our throats and caught up on some post cards. The folks at Fetty's were so friendly and accomodating, that they even iced and packed a breakfast for us in our lil' lunchbox so that we could hit the road in the chill morning before the mosquitos woke up.

Anyhow, so we each had a cold, but satifsfying breakfast burrito and hash browns for First Breakfast.

For second breakfast, I put down two donuts, 4 or 5 Chips Ahoy cookies, a banana and a half, a cup of milk and a little bit of coffee.

The 6-pack of donuts is already gone, and if the storm we're sitting out decides to pass us anytime soon, we'll easily polish off the rest of the Chips Ahoy. They're already about 3/4 gone.

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