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Bicycle commuting, bicycle touring, bicycle racing; bicycle ADVENTURING.
To the grocery store, up a mountain, across the country or to the finish line--
it's all an adventure.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Not Overly Pampered

Before you start to think that Mia and I have been overly pampered on our tour because we got massages from Mare, or scooped out of the rain by a family in a pick up truck or because the coffee shop gave us each a free huge cookie or for getting an uphill tailwind out of Baker or any of these things..
we've also shaken hoards of earwigs from everything we own, counted over 2 dozen mosquito bites on just one of my legs, eaten questionable 69cent freezer burritos and 50% of our trip so far has been in the rain!
But it makes every real bed we get to sleep in feel like heaven.
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