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Bicycle commuting, bicycle touring, bicycle racing; bicycle ADVENTURING.
To the grocery store, up a mountain, across the country or to the finish line--
it's all an adventure.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

You Could Call it Normal

Carrying loads on my bike has become so normal, that I frequently neglect to take a picture of what is a novelty to someone else. Today, for example, I picked up 2 bike frames from the bike shop:

No problem. I don't even think about 'whether or not' I can fit something on my bike. I just do.

Something else that has become normal: my Down Low Glow! The other day I was at someone's house late at night and as I left she asked, "do you have lights on your bike?"

Pfffh!! Do I have lights on my bike? Boy, do I have lights on my bike!

It's just another day in the neighborhood.
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