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Monday, October 20, 2008

SeaTac Cyclocross

Weekly practices out at the farm has left me antsy to race, so I hopped in Justin's car (our lovely Allegro Cyclery mechanic) to Seattle and raced the "mountain biker's course" at South SeaTac on Sunday. I got a great taste of cyclocross that left me ready for another lick.

Things I expected:
  • I started slow and timid, but gained confidence throughout the race.
  • I didn't have the guts or experience to pass on singletrack, so I tried to take all the chances I could get to blow around riders.
  • 30 minutes was too short for my taste.
Things I did not expect:
  • I felt comfortable at the barriers.
  • Despite not having practiced it, my run up was pretty good. A spectator even shouted, "hey, we've got a runner!" in response to my performance.
  • One of the run-ups is called the "thigh master." I didn't think it was so bad.
  • While I took a longer, 'safer' route, the sand pit was no problem.
  • Not being able to clip while my cleats were clogged with sand cost me a lot of time.
  • The announcer called me the "Lightening Bolt from Whitman" which I enjoyed.
Other conclusions:
  • I wish I had started racing cyclocross in September.
Will I be racing A women or B women in the Inland Cyclocross Series? (includes our home races)
  • A women.
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