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Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Bikery: Repair Shop!

I've mentioned the Junior Cycling Team that I'm coaching. The other program that I am designing, running and managing is The Bikery: A Bicycle Repair Shop for Youth.  (I do get paid for this, by the way. I'm not THAT amazing.) I've been working with the local high school to use their space-- so things have taken longer than I'd have liked them to (it is a government institution), but we are finally about to be up and running! Aaah! I have to admit, I've been more focused on the team since I've been reaping more success on that front and I have kids on the team NOW. Working with an active program and making it better is more fun than struggling to start a program. Time to turn the burners on. We're opening shop in just over a week!

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