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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Busing, Touring and Wrenching!

Tomorrow I'm getting on a bus to Portland, OR where I'll meet my friend Zac.

Initially we said, "let's ride down the coast in 3 days! Whoppee!!" but, uh- we don't want to overdo the mileage. So we're probably going to take a bus/shuttle or two to kill some miles and lighten the load on our legs. So we'll figure that out. But what does have to happen: I need to make it to Ashland, OR by Sunday evening (or at least Medford!) because I'm taking a sweet week-long bike mechanics class at the United Bicycle Institute! This will give me a lot more confidence for teaching classes at The Bikery. I am QUITE excited.

However, I still have this trip to figure out!! Know anyone that lives anywhere along the Oregon Coast? Know anyone in Medford or Ashland?
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