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Thursday, September 25, 2008

A local opportunity to volunteer

A message from the Cascade Bicycle Club:

Invest two hours to volunteer for better bicycling and walking in your

The Cascade Bicycle Club is working with the Washington State Department
of Transportation to coordinate baseline counts of bicyclists and
pedestrians in select communities throughout the state. That includes
Walla Walla.

The state is doing this, in part, to determine its progress toward their
goal of increasing nonmotorized trips.

On one of the following dates - September 30, October 1 or October 2
(your choice), we need volunteers for counts at 6 locations in each
city. We anticipate conducting morning (7-9am) and evening (4-6pm)
counts. If you can help out, please email me
(david.hiller@cascadebicycleclub.org) to let me know which day and times
you can assist us.

What: Counting Bicyclists & Pedestrians

Where: One of six locations in your city

When: 7-9am and/or 4-6pm on your choice of date, 9/30, 10/1, or 10/2

Why: To help document the growth in bicycling and walking and support
the need for more investment in bikeable/walkable communities.

We understand that this is short notice and appreciate your interest in
volunteering. To show our appreciation, the Cascade Bicycle Club will
throw in a goodie-bag of neat bicycling stuff for people who help with
the counts.

If you can volunteer or recruit others within your organization, we will
send you count sheets, directions and a map to the location we'd like
you to cover. Feel free to e-mail me if I can answer any questions
about this project.

David Hiller
Advocacy Director

Cascade Bicycle Club
PO Box 15165
Seattle, WA 98115
p: (206) 522-9479 cell: (206) 218-6712
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