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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Did I just get paid for that?

I took some of my junior cycling team members out for a spin on Thursday. Ben Chaddock and Alex Pogue joined us from the Whitman Cycling team- two of my favorite Whitman cyclists. We discovered (learned) the "subtle" difference between a circular and a traditional team time trial pace line. At least I know *I* was sure as heck confused when  I came across a circular pace line in a race and how no idea what was going on! Anyhow- while pace lines are really a 'roadie' thing and we're actually preparing for cyclocross- being able to perform well in a pace line makes you a better rider. I have to admit, my juniors did a stellar job. Ben was also Super As Usual and did a short cyclocross mounting/dismounting lesson at the local 'cross course on Charles Stagner's farm, eh? Thanks, Ben!

Oh, and if any of you have some cyclocross bikes to give to us for free or for crazy cheap- let me know! :)
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