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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bikes and Buses are Beautiful: Parade SUCCESS!

The Walla Walla Fair Parade took over downtown streets this Saturday morning. As I rolled through the parade line-up looking for my contingent, I felt a small smirk lift up my cheeks. Truck, truck, SUV, truck, Semi-truck, truck, hummer, SUV limo, truck.. then BICYCLES, lots of beautiful BICYCLES.

I welcomed a cheer as I arrived, since I had this in tow:

A pirate ship!

It's not as big or grand or magnificient as I once hoped to create, but since the sprinklers attacked it twice and free time has been quite limited lately, I think it's got a nice homely appeal. :)

I even found a pirate!

What made me the happiest about our group was the fantastic variety we achieved. We were a great display of all the different ways to live, love and ride bicycles.

Barbara showed us that yes you CAN wear a skirt on a bike!

Jared piloted a PediPower pedicab.

Ben Chaddock, the new president of Whitman Cycling- Cheers, Whitman!

Reggie, from Bicycle Barn, rode a (remake) penny farthing. Now that is just plain COOL.

Jeanne brought beautiful flowers from Welcome Table Farm and designed beautiful posters for us to hang on our buses (I wish I had taken a picture of them!)

Hoorah! Alice (who grows tasty vegetables over on West End Farm) rode her Xtracycle!

Laurel (above) and Lish (below) were not lacking for enthusiasm. :)

Sean Duffy picked out one of his (many!) restored vintage bicycles to ride.

And there were many more.. (and it's taking me a long time to upload these, so that's all you're going to see!)

So cheers! and Thank You! to all the cyclists that came out to the parade to promote a beautiful way to get around and enjoy life.
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