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Monday, August 18, 2008

An Announcement & a Search

It's official. I am the new Bikery director and cycling coach.

A few years ago, my Whitman Cycling teammate, Greg Dering, and I started a program called 'the Bikery' to teach bike repair (and indirectly, critical thinking skills and life lessons) to youth in Walla Walla. The program was funded by and based out of the Walla Walla Community Center for Youth. Since Greg and I left, a junior cycling team did sprout, but the Bikery has remained only sporadically alive. Now the WWCCY has hired me on to tackle the Bikery and coach the junior team. The potential in my brain is exploding.

BUT! One step at a time. We need a space. The Bikery, you see, doesn't currently have a home. The Bikery is a bunch of tools and an old curriculum binder stashed in a closet. We are looking for a space that is:

-Somewhat central (e.g., the airport is too far east)
-Free, or very cheap
-Safe and secure
-A place we can leave tools and some bikes

Have ideas? Leads? Contacts?
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