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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee

Yesterday I went to my second Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee meeting. I'm still learning 'how the system works', but here are a few interesting points that I thought I'd share:

  • Regarding the Tausick/Isaacs intersection, where the lights have been updated but the lane markings have not (causing confusion and thus a hazard to cyclists and drivers), how the bicycle lanes should be marked was discussed. It was said (I paraphrase), "There is just going to be a portion of the population that is going to be uncomfortable with this intersection."
  • It was suggested (by a cyclist) that the Walla Walla Police pull over cyclists riding against traffic.
  • The City is re-striping the streets. Only the left line (between cyclists and traffic) of the bicycle lane is being striped so that twice the amount of bike lane can be striped instead of half as many bike lanes being striped fully. The price of paint has doubled.
  • Want to get things done? Run your truck into a traffic signal pole. When repairs are made, new standards must be met. At the Roosevelt & Alder intersection, a truck ran into a pole, the light had to be replaced and now the intersection is being updated to meet new standards. Including appropriate bike lane markings.
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