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Thursday, April 1, 2010


Last weekend my alma mater came to town. I had a BLAST cheering them on!

in the ROAD RACE


and the CRIT! (criterium)

*half the video is cut off because it's "wide screen." Click the white title on the screen to visit YouTube.com and see the full screen.

Collegiate Cycling is something special. The skill spectrum is huge-- you've got kids who are still practicing clipping into their bicycles and others being offered pro contracts. I find that this spectrum gives the beginners inspiration and the fast folks some temperment in their intensity. Add to that, EVERYBODY is expected to cheer on everybody. Team enthusiasm is huge.

I haven't been on a cycling team since college, because I've found that racing becomes more about results and carbon rims-- and I'm not interested in either of these things. I just like to ride hard and cheer hard. GO WHITMAN!!

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