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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Morning at Galbraith

Saturday morning, I had plans to go watch some collegiate cycling and root on my alma mater (GO WHITMAN!!) up in Bellingham, WA. Since I was driving, I looked for an opportunity to mountain bike. Enter: GALBRAITH!

After all I've heard and read of Galbraith, I had big, BIG expectations-- endless ribbons of dirt twisting through a fairy tale forest. So you can imagine my disappointment when I found:

washed out, overgrown, poorly drained trails that lead nowhere,

jumps hacked by 13-year-olds,

and an impossible entrance to the park.

Yeah, here's a tip:
TOTALLY MISSED THAT. From Birch St. Entrance: The left trail neatly switchbacks up to the Ridge Trail (the one you want), which will take you to the info kiosk and the AWESOME web of trails. The right, however, will take you to the washed out, over grown, hacked together mess-- which is possibly not even part of the park.

So, once I got that..

It was all good.

Dirt roads are the pipelines between trails.

Riding at Duthie has noticeably improved my skills already!

Well, not THAT much. Yet.
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