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Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Touring Cyclist's Brain

My brain can handle the ever-changing and contrasting life of bicycle touring. I like to not always know where I'm sleeping that night, but having faith that I can 'figure it out when I get there.' I like eating what's available and meeting whoever's around. But the other day, we were leaving a large town after half a day of errands and my brain was on a full tilt whirl. It was like that one time I had 3 or 4 Redbulls while studying in college. Except without the Redbull. Then I got back on my bike-- and even though I had to exert brain power to safely navigate through traffic and find my way out of town-- I was suddenly in a place my brain knew. And I was okay again.

Here's a smorgasboard of events:

We had to drive to Lexington, KY to buy a new tire.

We're in Virginia!

We eat ice cream before dinner!
(and I have it at least once, sometimes three times, a day.)

We had McDonalds that morning.. and this for dinner.

And tonight, we are spending the night at a botanical garden.

And tomorrow, we go up 'VESUVIUS', by far the MOST talked up hill of the entire trip.
Says a cyclist, "it will probably be the hardest hill you ever climb in your life."
Current location: Lexington, VA

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