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Saturday, August 8, 2009


While sitting outside of the grocery store, Mia heard something that sounded quite like a kitten. It came from the parking lot, so she started looking around underneath cars when she realized that the sound came from INSIDE a car-- in the grill! If this car drove any farther, the kitten would surely die from the heat of the engine.

The owners of the car returned and showed little distress for the kitten, while we were determined to get him out. The husband pointed out to his wife that a dead kitten would really stink up the car, suddenly she was willing to wait while we poked and prodded the engine and crawled underneath..

and got 'im out!



We tried our best to get the kitty to drink and cool off.

We took 'im inside to the air conditioning.

He kinda looks like a dairy cow or a mouse.

This guy wasn't even old enough to be away from mama.

Fortunately, we were able to give the kitten to a family experienced in animal rescue-- though I thought he might be comfortable in my handlebar bag. ;)

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