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Friday, January 30, 2009


Currently on the Adventure Cycling homepage it says:

An Adventure Called Bicycling blog recently reviewed Jill Homer’s book Ghost Trails chronicling her grueling and transformative experience in the 2008 Iditarod Trail Invitational. For a very compelling but quick version, check out Homer’s incredible online journal detailing her journey.

Hah! I'm glad that Jill's book is getting more coverage-- but it's extra cool that Adventure Cycling even bothered to mention my blog as their means of finding it!

For me, this is like getting passing name mention in Velonews (which, incidentally, I have had just a few). Though instead of being a page away from George Hincapie, I get to be a paragraph away from Willie Weir. 

Adventure Cycling, by the way:
  • Makes amazing touring maps for cyclists.
  • Publishes an Extra Cool magazine. (Actually, it's called "Adventure Cyclist," but I think it is Extra Cool.)
  • Leads Crazy Amazing tours.
  • Does a proud amount of outreach.
  • AND, they answer your e-mails! There are PEOPLE to answer your questions! And they're FRIENDLY! (I am really picky about bike shop/etc. service, which is why this is so thrilling to me.)
A while ago now, I actually made it my mission to work for Adventure Cycling. Really.

Step one: ride across the country. :)

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