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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Get yer stickers!

Right now on eBay you can buy one, several or all of these amazing stickers:

These stickers are designed by ME. They are narrow (1.5" x 5") with bicycle frames in mind and spread a POSITIVE bicycle message (rather than the haughty attitude of many such 'message' stickers).

I am selling these stickers for two reasons:
1) To spread some bike love.
2) To raise a little bit of money for my trip across the US by bicycle this summer!

I have thought about fundraising for a cause as well, but I need to at least be able to GO on the trip first! I have most everything I need-- except RACKS-- which are pretty important for touring.

So. Support my adventure. Spread some bike love.

The current price for these are a minimum $2.99 plus 50cents for shipping/handling. You are more than welcome to donate more :) . If you would like more than one, you are welcome to bid on one sticker and let me know over e-mail that you are bidding on more than one sticker (at a minimum of $2.99 per sticker).

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