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Sunday, November 16, 2008


  • Woo! I won the Washington State Cyclocross Championship race!
  • It was weird. 
  • I went into the first barrier too fast as usual.
  • Got back into the group and thought, "I can go faster than this."
  • I took off.
  • The course was super fast and played to my strengths.
  • Crashed twice.
  • Each time I fell a passing racer asked, "are you okay?"
  • The second time my handlebars twisted 30 degrees out of alignment.
  • Yanked 'em back.
  • Finished the last lap with my handlebars 10 degrees off.
  • Dropped the Cat 4 field by a minute.
  • Caught all the Masters Women that started 30 seconds ahead except one (then I crashed).
  • I ripped my favorite knee warmers!! BOO!!
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