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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee Agenda

BPAC Agenda
November 12, 2008

Call to Order

Approval of the Minutes

First Order of Business: Gary Mabley, special visitor

Review of Bike Plan, Walk-Through for Instituting Changes, Work Session Format

Old Business
A. Bike Map 10 Minutes
Walt Keyes

B. Bike Racks 5 Minutes
Downtown Locations

C. Audible Signals 3 Minutes
Progress Message from Frank Nicholson 

New Business
A. Bike Licensing 10 Minutes
[If this topic is not covered in Bike Plan work session]
Proposals / Suggestions from WallaWalla2020 (copied below)

1) Make licensing voluntary. The Bicycle Alliance of Washington has determined that licensing is restrictive and acts as a barrier of use. Enforcement of mandatory licensing is an undo burden on law enforcement and not having a license does not pose a safety risk.

2) Make licenses available, as a service, for $3 for a three year period. Licensing has helped law enforcement return abandoned bicycles. Limiting the license to three years allows information to be updated.

3) Establish a Bicycle Advocacy Fund that is funded through multiple local grants on a matching fund basis, i.e. $1.00 per license.

4) Designate Bicycle Ambassadors to distribute licenses and safety information, i.e. Bicycle shops, qualified individuals.

5) Leverage Bicycle Advocacy Fund through application to state/federal grants taking advantage of local participation scoring on grant applications.

6) Limit Bicycle Advocacy Fund to a three year trial focused on a specific project, i.e. improvements to Mill Creek Recreation Trail which has been established as the top priority by the BPAC.

7) Establish a goal of 1150 licenses for trial period.

[Gary Bainter] Regarding item #1, making licensing voluntary, this would take away an important tool officers have when we suspect that the bike may have been stolen. Additionally, as I stated previously, the licensing process helps us return bikes to their owners and the cost for a bike license is not much more than a latte.
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