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Thursday, August 28, 2008

The unusual normal

At times I'm hyper-conscious about making bicycling as culturally normal as I can. I go to the grocery store on my bike, I go to work on my bike, I go to potlucks and movies on my bike, I go everywhere on my bike and I do it wearing regular clothes!

Other times I am consciously pushing the envelope so that going to the grocery store starts to pale in comparison to stunts like moving out of my apartment via bicycle trailer (including mattress, cabinets, etc.).

I wonder, though- does the latter cancel out the previous? If I'm doing culturally.. let's call it "unusual," activities like towing a bed and boxspring by bicycle-- do I negate all of my attempts to be a "normal" bicyclist? On the other hand, if I just focus on being "normal," will that normal become the radical, resulting in further dilution of my influence?
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