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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

a Bicycle Declaration

My friend Debi, who is an attorney, sent me this:

47.26.300 Bicycle routes ‑‑ Legislative declaration.

The state of Washington is confronted with emergency shortages of energy sources utilized for the transportation of its citizens and must seek alternative methods of providing public mobility.

Bicycles are suitable for many transportation purposes, and are pollution‑free in addition to using a minimal amount of resources and energy. However, the increased use of bicycles for both transportation and recreation has led to an increase in both fatal and nonfatal injuries to bicyclists.

The legislature therefore finds that the establishment, improvement, and upgrading of bicycle routes is necessary to promote public mobility, conserve energy, and provide for the safety of the bicycling and motoring public.

Guess when this was written?

1974 – during the first energy crisis during the Arab Oil Embargo. Not much progress since then.

-Debi Toews | Willis & Toews, PLLC
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