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Friday, January 22, 2010

Nipping and Riding at the Armstrong Tract

A little before action..

..and after:

Really, the place needs a lot more lovin'. The Armstrong Tract of the Pilchuck Tree Farm (Arlington, WA) has a lot of great singletrack, but it's grown over to the point that it feels like a herd of cats are playing mouse with your shins. So my friend Jess and I went out there and snipped a little stretch. And then we discussed a weed whacker intervention.

And then we rode. 

You know, I like to think that these posts do more than over glorify my little adventures. In my last 5 mountain bike rides, I've taken 3 friends out on the trail for their first mtb ride or first in a long while. I like to think that my gushing about the wonders of mountain biking has a little to do with that.

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