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Friday, November 20, 2009

Why Cyclocross?

Why Do I Cyclocross? from hank greer on Vimeo.

One of the blogs on my regular blogroll is Cycling Spokane. It's written primarily by a guy named John, whose cycling vibe I like. The steel, wool, and adventuring good times sort. And we both cycle(d) in Eastern Wa, which to me, makes us kin.

Recently, John smartly invited his friends and conspirators to blog with him. A good move, that! I especially love this video. Simply done, but neat and warm (and they are FLYIN'!! at 1:30!!). This course was also one of my FAVORITES last year. I am super bummed that I had to miss out on the cyclocross season this fall, but you can bet that my flying mount is going to be ready come September!!

"Because I think it is a very hard and fun aerobic race." THAT IS SO CUTE! Right on!!

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