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Friday, November 13, 2009

I want to know about YOU!

What types of cycling do you do and why do you do them?

Tell me!

*Your answers may be published as an anonymous.

To further define the categories listed in the survey (per my personal, on-the-spot definition):

Competition = You train for race day.

Recreation = Clad in lycra, you go on short to long, occasionally fast rides that a racer might call training. Usually oriented around fitness while socializing. Race your buddy to the yellow sign sort of thing.

Leisure = I included this as a "slower" version of recreation. Less lycra, more coffee shop sort of thing. More likely to ride on bike paths or around town than a 50 miler up a mountain.

Transportation = You bike commute at least somewhat regularly, whether to work or around town.

Travel = Multi-day bicycle travel.

Other = You tell me!

I understand that these categories overlap, and indeed, encourage such behavior-- but in a survey ya gotta define categories somehow!
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